In the bleachers at Chicago's Wrigley Field, die hard Cub fans root for their team. The group includes a rabid cheerleader, a blind man who follows the game by transistor radio and does his own play by play, a bathing beauty, a nerd and various other bleacher denizens. As the game proceeds, they bet among themselves on every conceivable event, go out for frosty malts or beers, try to pick up the bathing beauty and, occasionally, watch the game. The Cubs inevitably blow it in the ninth and the villainous Marvin, who always bets against the Cubs figuring he can't lose, cleans up. The bleacher bums remain undaunted they will be back tomorrow to root for the home team.
Conceived by Joe Mantegna
Written by the Organic Theatre Company
Presented through special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.
Melody Stacy Freeman
Greg John Taber
Zig Ira Rosenthal
Decker David Miller
Richie Scott Sears
Marvin Dick Salon
Cheerleader Matthew Evans
Rose Kathleen Messmer
Kid Cameron Deahl
Guard L. Peter Spinner
The Announcer Wayne Messmer
Production Crew
Executive Producer Bradley A. Rose
Producer Ira Rosenthal
Director Kristin Spangler
Stage Manager Ryan Gabel
Sound Board Operator Ryan Gabel
Props Mistress Katie Monahan
Master Carpenter Rich McMillan

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- April 13, 14, 20, 21 at 8 pm
- April 15 and 22 at 3 pm
- Highland Park Community House 1991 North Sheridan Road

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