The 1987 hit movie bursts onstage in this vibrant, funny and touching musical. When frustrated adolescent Josh Baskin wishes he were "big" and wakes up the next morning a 30-year-old man, he discovers there's much more to being an adult than he's bargained for - and learns we must all grow up at our own pace, in our own time.

A witty, moving, insightful book by John Weidman ("Pacific Overtures," "Assassins") and a dazzling, energetic, heartfelt, contemporary score by David Shire and Richard Maltby, Jr. ("Baby," "Starting Here, Starting Now," "Closer Than Ever") makes this already classic motion picture fantasy an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Fresh, up-to-date, relevant, and featuring one of the most irresistible leading male roles ever, "big, The Musical" holds universal appeal for audiences of all ages.

Josh Baskin Ben Swislow
Susan Lawrence Alexis Armstrong
MacMillan Ira Rosenthal
Mrs. Baskin Nancy Schultz
Young Josh Tommy Hansfield
Billy Justin Stein
Paul Matt Schuster
Miss Watson Judyth Hollub
Cynthia Benson Christy Loprest
Derek Shawn Anthony
Tom, Zoltar, Men's Ensemble Earle Greenberg
Nick, Men's Ensemble Jerry Thompson
Abigail, Women's Ensemble Missy Greenberg
Diane, Women's Ensemble Jamie Boe
Men's Ensemble Bradley A. Rose, Aaron Stash, Mark Stickney
Women's Ensemble Rebecca Amend, Hannah Hope, Christine Koska, Michelle Max, Jane Sackheim, Cheri Trier, Kate Wasson
Kids' Ensemble Ari Briskman, Molly Dillon, Elana Dubin, Adam Greenberg, Jesse Kovarsky, Thomas Moore, Carly Scheinbaum, Alex Wax
Production Crew
Executive Producer Bradley A. Rose
Executive Producer Ira Rosenthal
Producer David Shaw
Director Catherine Davis
Choreographer Marianne Lubershane Brown
Musical Director Alan Gill
Assistant Director Lauren Erck
Stage Manager Leslie DeCarl
Assistant Stage Manager Scott Burtness
Costumer Joyce Mangelsdorf
Assistant Costumer Angie Wood
Lighting and Sound Designer Kurt Ottinger
Light Board Operator Bob Berman
Set Designer E. Wayne Worley
Master Carpenter Rob Flint
Props Mistress Shawn Anthony
Set Decorator Shawn Anthony
Publicity Lesley Byers
Videotaping Sally O'Brien

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