Billy Elliot the Musical has won the hearts of millions since it opened in London's West End, becoming one of the most beloved, award-winning shows on stage today.

Set in a northern mining town, against the background of the 1984/'85 miners' strike, Billy Elliot is the inspirational story of a young boy's struggle against the odds to make his dreams come true. The story follows Billy's journey as he stumbles out of the boxing ring and into a ballet class where he discovers a passion for dance that inspires his family and whole community and changes his life forever.

Featuring a timeless score by Elton John, sensational dance and a powerful story that has captivated audiences around the world, Billy Elliot the Musical is a funny, uplifting and spectacular theatrical experience that will stay with you forever.

Note: Billy Elliot contains material that may be unsuitable for younger or more sensitive audience members, but please note that we have made every effort to remove the most offensive language, as permitted.

Billy Elliot Asher Alcantara
Billy Elliot Cade Pearlman
Mrs. Wilkinson Alexis Armstrong
Dad Brian Herrle
Tony Michael Greenlief
Michael Ewan Parker-Eaton
Grandma Jenny Rudnick
Mum Gretchen Kimmeth
Debbie Wilkinson Isabel Kaegi
George Gerald Nevin
Small Boy Braden Crothers
Mr. Braithwaite Sean Blitzstein
Posh Dad / Scab / Ensemble Perry Georgopoulos
Ballet Girl Mila Armstrong
Ballet Girl Evelyn Halbach
Ballet Girl Kaia Mavradas
Ballet Girl Maya Neikrug
Ballet Girl India Renteria
Ballet Girl Liliana Renteria
Ballet Girl Shayna Weinstein
Ensemble Jay Daab
Ensemble Laurie Gauger
Ensemble Henry Gessner
Ensemble Justine Klein
Ensemble Patrick Luce
Ensemble Dave Lemrise
Ensemble Holly Weis
Ensemble Joe Vitaterna
Ensemble Josh Ticho
Production Crew
Executive Producer Bradley A. Rose
Director Ken Preuss
Assistant Director Gerald Nevin
Choreographer Jennifer Cupani
Music Director and Conductor Hannah Rose
Producer Jacob Cohen
Scenic Director David Geinosky
Stage Manager Chris Morgan
Costume Designer Martha Shuford
Lighting Designer / Operator Rebecca Bartle
Sound Designer / Operator Richard Neumann
Dialect Coach Adam Goldstein
Accompanist Kailey Rockwell

- June 7: 6:00PM - 8:00PM (All Kid roles ages 7 - 14)
- June 7: 8:00PM - 9:30PM (All Adult roles ages 15+)
- June 9: 6:00PM - 8:00PM (All Kid roles ages 7 - 14)
- June 9: 8:00PM - 9:30PM (All Adult roles ages 15+)
- Callbacks - June 18 starting at 1:00 PM
- All roles available for adult and children ages 7 and up
- Please prepare 32 bars of a song to sing and bring sheet music in the key you plan to sing in
- Bring dance shoes. Women: heels preferred. Others: ballet flats preferred
- There may be cold readings
- Billy/Michael should be prepared to do ballet and a tap combination
- Rehearsals begin Monday, August 15th
- Rehearsals held on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday nights 7:00PM - 9:30PM and Sundays 12:30PM - 4:00PM
- All Auditions and Rehearsals held at West Ridge - 636 Ridge Rd in Highland Park
- Additional Rehearsals added in October

- October 21, 22, 28, 29 at 7:30PM
- November 3, 4, 5 at 7:30PM
- October 23, 30 and November 6 at 2PM
- Northbrook Theatre: 3323 Walters ave. Northbrook.

- $22 before October 1st, 2016
- $25 on/after October 1st, 2016
- Special $20 tickets for the November 3rd performance
- Tickets on sale August 1, 2016